13 x 10’’ image size
11 x 14’’ paper size

Archival pigmemt print

Edition of 12

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Francisco is a trans-national artist that creates mixed-media paintings, collages and installations to explore the often unarticulated yet deeply felt complexities of the immigrant experience. The works become embodiments of the human condition and sites where new worlds, or alter-mundos, are constructed -- and where notions of placement and fixed boundaries are questioned to reveal the precariousness of belonging. Through an intuitive process of working and layering paint, organic forms emerge that make reference to the impermanent: land, water, clouds and the celestial, becoming players in their own narratives of navigation, movement and placement. Hard edges, the chainlink fence and barbed wire make reference to maps, borders, fishing nets and the ubiquitous grid, which attempt to establish order to the amorphous.

Francisco Donoso, (b. 1988, Quito, Ecuador) lives and works in the Bronx. NY. He has exhibited throughout New York, Las Vegas and Berlin and participated in numerous residencies including a Van Lier Fellowship at Wave Hill and the Artist in the Marketplace at The Bronx Museum of the Arts. He holds a BFA from Purchase College.